Over the years in my leadership coaching work, women have come to me wanting to work on combating imposter syndrome, gaining confidence, learning better communication styles, and dealing with conflict… and while that is important work, it is also important to have group spaces to hear from other women and their experiences in the workforce.

Spaces that help women see they are not alone, to recognize that some of these narratives come from the patriarchal, white supremacist systems in which we live and work – and that we do not need to accept them.

Many of these narratives aim to divide us, to keep us small. Instead, what if we come together to raise each other up and be there FOR each other?

Saralyn's Story

I’ve witnessed great ‘a-ha moments’ when women share stories, perspectives, and insights – especially in brave spaces where everyone is doing the work, failing at it, and still trying. Where women give and receive with vulnerability and generous assumptions. Where women move beyond ‘us vs them’ mindsets to stand in possibility and togetherness. 

Surabhi came to me and asked about my interest in partnering with her to create a space for professional women of all races interested in wrestling with the hard conversations of patriarchy, colonialism, capitalism, white supremacy, and more. A space that builds bridges through sharing stories and perspectives. The ultimate intention was to see women claim their power by shifting their insights and relationships with their biases, blindspots, and narratives.

I took a minute to check in with myself – is this MY work? Or am I taking a space that’s not mine? My conclusion… Damn right it's my space! To help women feel empowered, break down polarization through dialogue and respect, and hold a space of collectivity to sit with discomfort and imperfection. 

I am a cisgender white woman sitting with Racialized women in conversation about race, patriarchy, and capitalism. Some people will say this is not my place. I'm OK with that. I'm OK with my shame, with not having it all figured out, and with sitting on the struggle bus to learn. I want to sit in inclusive, diverse spaces to learn. I'm going to fail forward into this, and learn along the way.

So I jumped in with two feet, working with Surabhi to create Women In Power that unleashes the possibility of women coming together and learning from one another while exploring some really difficult stuff around race, gender, sexuality, patriarchy, capitalism, and white supremacy. Not because it's fun or because we’re navel-gazing, but because it helps us stand in our power individually and collectively.

We are holding space with women who are doing the work. Who don't have it figured all out. Who know they'll mess up. And who will step into the messiness nonetheless.