Praise for Women In Power

"I am so grateful to have been part of this phenomenal cohort over the past 8 weeks. I have learned and unlearned, I have gained new perspective and have gotten to know some phenomenal leaders who are all on their leadership journeys for more equitable, self-reflective and intentional approaches to supporting themselves, their teams and their community."

"I joined the Women in Power when I just started my new role as a Director of Programs & Service Delivery with the CEE Centre for Young Black Professionals. Women in Power cohort really helped me better reflect and understand my own power and privileges during my new journey at CEE as a humble ally. As a result, I’ve recently got promoted to the Director of Operations role at CEE overseeing org-wide operations, which I’m really excited about, because moving on to a Sr operational role was part of my career goal."

Praise from the Women In Power

Praise from the Women In Power

"The people, hearing the stories and learning from each of you. I have the building blocks and mindset to go further with it. Engage so personally, challenge yourself. Have a better understanding. Having a more real sense of what steps I can take to use my power and privilege. A catalyst for me."

Praise from the Women In Power

Praise from the Women In Power

"I really appreciate the community of learning, sharing and growing with other women. There were so many resources that were shared. Activated curiosity in continuing my learning journey. Continuing to be part of the community going forward. How to create brave spaces. Not waiting for state of perfection. How do we be bold and have the sense of agency in creating a brave space for ourselves, team members and community."

"Beautiful 8-weeks of learning together. Celebrating a lot of perspectives – allyship made more meaningful for me. Looking at ways I can learn/unlearn/relearn. Embrace all the sisters of all colours. How my actions influence the actions of others and how it can show up for good. Happy this meeting sparked it for me."

"I’m celebrating community and safe space. Interactive format you offered. No presenter/observer style. I want to celebrate the aha moments that I had and others had. I am going to strengthen paying this forward by supporting young women and pushing them forward."

"Incredibly grateful for being in touch with some amazing minds, resources, and access to people I wouldn’t have otherwise. The richness of connecting through personal perspective. Landing so concretely in ways that I didn’t expect. Very honored by all of that. Just knowing that this is very fundamental to how I see my path was a person/human. Excited where this is going to lead. Thank you Surabhi and Saralyn. You put so much into this. Amazing.”

"I celebrate meeting all of you and knowing that these kinds of practice methods for many people. I’m not alone in this pathway. I think I am more courageous in taking action as a result of these sessions. I’m very excited about my progress and doing the inner work. This is only the beginning for me."