Surabhi and Saralyn bring nearly 50 years of combined experience to Women In Power. They have both led social impact organizations where they have engaged in transformative leadership, strategic planning, systems change, and organizational development.

They have utilized their collective knowledge and lived experiences to design Women In Power – a program created for women by women to address issues uniquely faced by them.

We work with you to change systems

Surabhi is a leader in the social impact sector with nearly 20 years of experience in designing adult education and training programs. Her work has focused on systems change whether that is through non-profits or corporate America. She has worked closely with many Fortune 500 companies to help them change racially biased hiring practices. 

Surabhi's lived experiences have afforded her a unique perspective on transformative systems change. She brings experiences from the workplace, from her travels, and from her childhood that have shaped her understanding of community, leadership, and human development. Learn more about Surabhi's work with power and privilege on powerXprivilege.

Surabhi Jain

Founder and Facilitator

Saralyn Hodgkin


Saralyn is inspired by leaders who stand in their power and wisdom. The fierceness that is harnessed in one's leadership has the power to make change in the world. She wakes up every day with the intention to support people in their inner work and reflective leadership practices the future requires.

Saralyn founded the Leadership Practice Studio. She hosts and facilitates sessions, calling on guest facilitators and speakers to add to the conversation. The Leadership Practice Studio is where Saralyn holds group sessions and courses to build your leadership practice. Visit Holon Leadership for 1:1 or team support. 

Why did we create Women In Power?

Polarization is rampant. Discourse is hard to find, yet is incredibly needed when we do our own personal work wrestling with race and gender inequities.

We created this space for women to come together in conversation. A curated, intentional space to raise one another up while wrestling with our shame, anger, and varying perspectives and lived experiences. A container that helps us create more serving and factual stories for ourselves, so we can show up more confidently in the face of race and gender inequities in the workplace.

There is a place for only white women to come together. For only racialized women to come together. That is not this space. This space is designed to hold cross-race conversations as women and raise one another up while standing in the uncomfortable. To learn about the programs we offer, click here.