Our Programs

The 201 program focuses on deep learning and inner work. It is for women who are ready to deepen their practice. Ready to make change happen. And ready to address tough questions. The 201  requires self-reflection and introspection. Much like 101, it is focused on self-authoring tools and resources that work for you. In a small group of 6 to 8 women, you will have the opportunity to have provoking conversations, focus on systems change and practice inclusive leadership.

The 201 is a six-month program that will meet twice a month for 90-minutes each to engage in deep reflections, focus on intentionality and to grow your allyship practice. In session, reflective exercises will help you to continue building your allyship toolbox.

201 deep learning     x inner work

Program Offered: Spring Only
Program Cost: $2500 + HST
Subsidized Cost: $1500 + HST*

The 301 program helps you address your past to analyze your present and inform your future. Our lived experiences shape our understanding of leadership. By digging into our past to understand the culture, customs and experiences we grew up with, we can start making sense of our present. This program goes beyond allyship. It helps you create belonging for yourself and others. 

Through a six-month program that meets twice a month for 90-minutes each, you will share stories, make sense of your past, understand where your dominant leadership practices come from and create new practices that help you grow.

Program Offered: Fall Only
Program Cost: $2500 + HST

301 past x present

*We are fortunate to have the support of Suncor Energy Foundation to subsidize the cost of the program and offer scholarships based on the "green bottle" methodology. Please read more about it here.